Financial Coaching Services

Gain financial freedom and get your situation under control again with our Certified Financial Coaching and Guidance.


Financial solutions that are custom tailored to your individual needs...

Certified Coaches and Counselors are ready to help get you on the path to recovery

Financial Coaching

FICO Certified Credit Experts will also help you make sense of your credit report and scores

Consumer Credit

With a range of program options- we will guide you to the right resources to help you as quickly as possible.

Debt Relief

Financial Evaluation

We will begin with an intial evaluation and analysis of your current financial situation- a recent online credit report will be utilized for this process.



The Financial Recovery Center "3 Step Recovery Process":

Customized Gameplan

We will guide you to the best possible solution for your current situation with the goal being to help you turn your situation around as quickly as possible.


Take Action

Financial Freedom

Once you have received assistance with your most pressing needs, we will now dive deeper into the root causes of your challenges with our Financial Coaching and Counseling Services



"I was able to cut down my $1500/month payment to multiple credit cards down to a little over $600/month and in essence wipe out over 60k in credit card debt that I had down to a little over 24k... it was just immediate relief and took the stress out of things that were going on in my life and trying to figure out where I was going to make ends meet, "

Frank Martinez, San Antonio TX

Customer Testimonial:

Four payments of $300= $1200

Services & Pricing

Silver Coaching Plan

Two payments of $300= $600

Gold Coaching Plan

Three payments of $300=$900

Platinum Coaching Plan

Diamond Coaching Plan

$2000 (One time fee only)

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